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No Pens Days

No Pens Days

At Cedar we are dedicated to providing a language rich curriculum for our learners and to highlight this, we will be running a No Pens Day each term to ensure that we are giving specific focus to this area. Should you have any questions regarding what your child will be learning on these days, please do not hesitate to speak to their class teacher or their year group leader.

National No Pens Day (Wednesday 3rd October 2018), is an event promoted by The Communication Trust. The day encourages schools and settings to put down their pens and to run a day of speaking and listening activities. Cedar Children’s Academy is taking part to highlight the barriers that communication difficulties can have on learning across the curriculum and to give teachers and pupils opportunities to really think about their speaking and listening skills.


Other dates of No Pens Day for this academic year are:

 Tuesday 26th March 2019

Tuesday 18th June 2019


 For more information, please look at the Communication Trust website: