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School Council

School Council

At Cedar Children’s Academy, at the beginning of each new school year we establish a school council. The council is a group of 15 pupils from Years 2 to 6 who have applied for the position and have been democratically elected by their classmates. The purpose of the School Council is to make sure that all pupils have a voice so they can be involved in decisions about the school that affect them.

School council members meet on a regular basis and are led by an elected chairperson. During the meetings, minutes are taken by the secretary and these will be displayed on this page for you to see the great work that the school council is doing.  Every child has the opportunity to participate in the activities of the School Council through class discussions with the School Council representatives before each meeting.

Issues that might be discussed in School Council meetings include:

  • School rules and policies
  • School equipment
  • School and community fundraising
  • School meals
  • Facilities in school
  • Community issues
  • Ideas to ensure all children are happy in school

School Council Charter

This charter is a list of promises that each school council member will follow to best represent their classmates.

Each member promises…

  • To listen to what the people in our classes want and share their ideas in meetings.
  • To make sure we share the views of our classmates and not just our own opinions.
  • To attend regular meetings.
  • To report back to our classes after meetings.
  • To give up some of our personal time to make the school better.
  • To help make positive changes at Cedar.
  • To be excellent role models by always making the right choices and having a positive attitude.
  • To take part in whole school events.