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School Update – Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Further information about how our Trust and schools are taking necessary precautions since the outbreak of the Coronavirus, can be found in our Trust’s ‘Coronavirus (COVID-19) website section’.

We have put together a strategy/plans to help children continue to learn while they are at home. This can be found at

For infomation about returning to school please click here:

School Staff


Mrs K Jones

Deputy Headteacher

Miss C McNally (Maternity leave from April 2020)

Acting Deputy Headteacher (from April 2020)

Miss S Taylor

Early Years Lead

                              Mrs L Crick


Mrs B Langiano

Office Manager

Miss D Donoghue

Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mrs G Randall

Facilities Officer

Mr K Carlton

Teaching Staff

Acorn/Bay/Ash Class

Mrs R Amissah-Tawiah

Nursery Nurse – Mrs T Watson

                                                   Nursery Nurse – Mrs N Froggatt

Nursery Teaching Assistant – Miss L Pope


Oak Class

Mrs K Cranham


Beech Class

Mrs L Crick

(EYFS Lead)

Miss L Marshall


Elm Class

Miss C Hollister

Year 1

Maple Class

Mrs M Meggs

(Year Group Lead)

Year 1

Rowan Class

Miss M Thorpe

Year 1

Cherry Class

Miss C Holmes


Year 2

Chestnut Class

Mrs L Cassidy

(Year Group Lead)

Year 2

Walnut Class

Miss E Leach

Year 2

Willow Class

Miss K Jarman

Year 3

Larch Class

Miss C Clark

Year 3

Pine Class

Miss N Kelly

(Year Group Lead)

Year 3

Yew Class

Miss N Chapman

Year 4

Linden Class

Miss E Turtell

Year 4

Poplar Class

Miss R Havinden


Year 4

Birch Class

Miss S Kirk


Year 5

Acacia Class

Miss R Morris

Year 5

Magnolia Class

Mrs S Egan

(Year Group Lead)

                   Year 5

Sycamore Class

Mrs C Beresford

Year 6

Juniper Class

Mrs E Duggan

Year 6

Laburnum Class

Miss A Pinion

Year 6

Redwood Class

Mrs S Mates

(Year Group Lead)

Support Staff

Cover Teachers

Mrs M Alam

Miss C Lawrence

Mrs S Snowling

Teaching Assistants

Mrs S Wheeler

Mrs N Ashdown

Mrs A Wells

Mrs C Ellis

Mrs L Hayward

Miss M McCaw

Mrs J Lewis

Mrs J Harding

Mrs S Bodkin

Mrs K Joy

Mrs M Hayes

Mrs K Vincent

Mrs S Cracknell

Mrs C Pring

Mrs L Noyes

Mrs A Mitchell

Mrs D Hawkins

Phonics Intervention

Mrs A Mackenzie

Resources and Displays

Mrs M Whatling

Attendance Improvement

Mrs L Sherress

Office Staff

Mrs C Aggett

Breakfast Club/Lunchtime Supervisors

Mrs L Steward – Breakfast Club Manager

Mrs S Lee-Williams – Senior Midday Meal Supervisor

Mrs R Bliss

Mrs T Elliott

Mrs K Moth

Mrs K Logue

Mrs L Ponton

Mrs C Walsh

Mrs A Wells

Mrs J Harding

Mrs A Munds

Mrs L Scott

Mrs A Fowle

Miss T Woodfield

Seedlings – after school provision

Miss D Donoghue – booking and payments

Mrs L Steward

Mrs A Mitchell

Mrs M Hayes

Mrs R Bliss