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School Update – Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Simply Easy Learning
Due to concerns about COVID-19, from Monday 23rd March the school will be closed to most pupils for an unspecified amount of time. Guidance has been sent out about this via parentmail.

We have put together a strategy/plans to help children continue to learn while they are at home.  This can be found at

Our Vision

A Cedar learner is a thinker. They have well developed habits of mind and use thinking tools to make connections in their learning.

A Cedar learner has a love of learning, encouraged by our skilled facilitators of learners. They value learning and realise every second counts. Throughout pupils’ time at Cedar, facilitators of learning create engaging and challenging learning opportunities. They recognise what they have learnt and feel proud of their achievements. This love of learning will enable them to pursue careers and opportunities which have yet to be created.

A Cedar learner is courageous. They are empowered to take risks and know they have a key role in their learning. The choices they make allow them to choose their own future path rather than one that has been pre-determined. Pupils and facilitators strive to make a difference and have a wider impact in the community.

Cedar Children’s Academy is ambitious in our standards and learners and facilitators strive for accuracy and precision in all that they do. This leads to educational excellence. We are highly respected in the local community and pupils, parents and staff are proud to be part of Cedar.