Curriculum Intent

Making Learning Irresistible

We strive to do an excellent job in teaching your child on a daily basis. To help us do this, we think carefully about the topics we choose to ensure that we can hook children in and keep them motivated to learn!

At Cedar, we have a set of attributes that we want all children to have master as they move through the school with us. They are for the pupils to be:

Considerate (kind, respectful of others, thoughtful, empathetic and tolerant)

Enthusiastic (motivated, excited to learn, willing to try, positive and curious)

Determined (know they can do it, be a problem solver, be resourceful and show ambition)

Assured (happy to be in school, confident, brave, not over reliant on adults and willing to take risks)

Resilient (not willing to give up, wanting to have another go, overcoming barrier and setbacks)

We have carefully designed and implemented our curriculum to ensure it is broad, balanced and suits the needs and interests of our children.

Reading and Phonics

At Cedar Children’s Academy we aim to provide systematic phonics teaching that gives children the best possible start in reading and writing. Our systematic phonics approach enables children to start building on their Phonic knowledge from nursery with the expectation that they will become fluent readers, having secured word recognition skills, by the end of Key Stage One.   Every child in FS and KS1 receives a daily 20 minute phonics lesson which follows guidance given in ‘Letters and Sounds’.  This is also extended to pupils in Year Three depending on need.  Children are given the opportunity to read a wide range of stimulating and appropriate texts both in school and at home including books from the Oxford Reading Tree and Phonics Club books published by Pearson.

Religious Education

We use the Discovery RE programme as our scheme of work. Children learn about the beliefs of the world’s major religions through studying artefacts, places of worship, core values and festivals. We aim to open the children’s eyes to understand the rights and responsibilities they have, to act with tolerance and understanding and to appreciate the advantages of diversity. The Education Act gives parents/carers the right to withdraw their child from RE and Collective Worship. Please contact the Headteacher, if you wish to withdraw your child from RE or Collective Worship.